!!Short Description of current work

Jean Fr├ęchet is a principal investigator in the Materials Science Division of the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory, and is the Scientific Director of the Organic and Macromolecular
Facility for the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.\\

He has authored about 800 scientific papers and holds over 70 United States patents.\\

His research at the interface of organic and polymer chemistry is in the broad area of nanoscience and
nanotechnology, and is directed towards functional macromolecules, their design, synthesis,
and applications. Current topics include new synthetic approaches to macromolecules with
controlled architecture, engineered polymer systems and molecular machines; the design,
synthesis, and applications of dendritic and other functional polymers; novel materials for
directed nanoscale patterning and growth; energy harvesting and conversion; organic
electronics; bioinspired catalysis with synthetic macromolecules; polymers in separation and
molecular recognition; and functional macromolecules for targeted drug delivery, diagnostics,
and immunotherapy.