!!Franck Courchamp - Publications
__10 major publications:__
*Franck Courchamp, Benjamin D. Hoffmann, James C. Russell, Camille Leclerc and Céline Bellard. 2014. Climate change, sea-level rise, and conservation: keeping island biodiversity afloat. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 29/3 : 127-130. \\
*Céline Bellard, Wilfried Thuiller, Boris Leroy, Piero Genovesi, Michel Bakkenes and Franck Courchamp. 2013. Will climate change promote future invasions? Global Change Biology. 19/12 : 3740–3748.\\
*Luque G. M., Bellard C., Bertelsmeier C., Bonnaud E., Genovesi P., Simberloff D. & Franck Courchamp. 2013. Monster fern makes IUCN invader list. Nature. 498/7452 : 37.\\
*Duan Biggs, Franck Courchamp, Rowan Martin & Hugh P. Possingham. 2013. Legal Trade of Africa’s Rhino Horns. Science. 339 : 1038-1039. + Reply in Science (2013). 340 : 1168-1169.\\
*Simberloff D., J-L Martin, P Genovesi, V Maris, D A Wardle, J Aronson, F Courchamp, B Galil, E García-Berthou, M Pascal, P Pyšek, R Sousa, E Tabacchi & M Vilà. 2013. Impacts of biological invasions - what's what and the way forward. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 28 : 58–66.\\
*Bellard Céline*, Bertelsmeier Cléo*, Leadley Paul, Thuiller Wilfried and Courchamp Franck. 2012. Impacts of climate change on the future of biodiversity. Ecology Letters. 15/4 : 365–377. \\
*Franck Courchamp, Joanna Gascogne & Ludek Berek. 2008. Allee effects in ecology and conservation. Oxford University Press. 264 p-\\
*Philippe Rivalan, Allison M. Rosser*, Virginie Delmas*, Elena Angulo*, Leigh S. Bull, Richard J. Hall, Nigel Leader-Williams & Franck Courchamp. 2007. Can bans stimulate wildlife trade? Nature. 447: 529-530.\\
*F. Courchamp, E. Angulo*, P. Rivalan*, R. Hall*, L. Signoret, L. Bull & Y. Meinard. 2006. Value of rarity and species extinction: the anthropogenic Allee effect. PLoS Biology. 4(12): e415. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.0040415. \\
*Franck Courchamp, Rosie Woodroffe & Gary Roemer. 2003. Removing Protected Populations to Save Endangered Species. Science. 302, 5650 : 1532
__International recognition:__
*90 publications in international peer-reviewed journals\\
*>5200 citations (Google Scholar [http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=LGAaXeYAAAAJ&hl=en])\\
*Listed by ISI (Thompson Scientific – Web of Science) as a ‘Highly Cited’ scientist both in the field of “Ecology/Environment” and in “All Fields” (top 0.5% of ecologists based on past 10 years).\\
*1 monograph (with two co-authors), 2 popularization books (“Ecology for dummies”, in French)\\
*6 book chapters\\
*50 international conferences (25 invited)