!!Harald Clahsen - Curriculum Vitae
*1974-78 MA student, University of Wuppertal and University of Düsseldorf, reading German Philology, Sociology, Linguistics, and Mathematics\\
*1978-81 Ph.D. student (Linguistics), University of Wuppertal and University of Hamburg\\
*1981 Ph.D. (Linguistics), mark of dissertation: summa cum laude\\
*1987 Habilitation (Linguistics), title of postdoctoral thesis: 'Normale und gestörte Kindersprache' (= Normal and disordered child language) at the university of Düsseldorf\\
*1978-1993 research fellow and then lecturer at the universities of Wuppertal, Hamburg and Düsseldorf\\
*1984 worked also in the Rank Xerox Corp. (in relation to a project on language disorders)\\
*1986+1987 Visiting Research Scholarships, Max-Planck-Institut für Psycholinguistik, Nijmegen.\\
*1993-2011 Professor of Linguistics, University of Essex, where he declined two offers of professorship at Düsseldorf and Potsdam, until he got the very prestigious Humboldt professorship at the University of Potsdam\\
*2005, 2008 Visiting Research Scholarships, Max-Planck-Institutes for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences; Cognitive Neuroscience (Leipzig)\\
*2008 Visiting Research Scholarship, SFB 538 (‘Multilingualism’), University of Hamburg