!!Michel Caboche - Selected publications
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*Nesi N., Debeaujon I., Jond C., Stewart A.J., Jenkins Gareth I., Caboche M., Lepiniec L., The transparent testa 16 locus encodes the Arabidopsis b sister MADS domain protein and is required for proper development and pigmentation of the seed coat., Plant Cell. 14, 2463-2479 (2002)

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*Triques K., Piednoir E., Dalmais M., Schmidt J., Le Signor C., Sharkey M., Caboche M., Sturbois B., Bendahmane A., Mutations detection usign ENDO1 : application to disease diagnostics in humans and TILLING and Eco-Tilling in plants., BMC Molecular Biology, 9:42. (2008)
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