!!Ignacio Bosque
!Short laudatio by Franz Rainer

The Mexican linguist José G. Moreno de Alba recently said about Ignacio
Bosque that he was « el mejor gramático de la lengua española», the best
grammarian of the Spanish language. Bosque has in fact contributed an
incredible number of excellent studies on almost any area of Spanish grammar
in the form of monographs, scholarly articles, textbooks, as well as two
important dictionaries (Diccionario inverso, 1987, Redes, 2004). But his
lasting achievement will certainly lie in the fact that he provided the
Spanish language community with a comprehensive modern grammar of some
3885 pages covering all varieties of Spanish, which has been approved as
the pan-Hispanic academy grammar in 2009. Though for institutional reasons
Bosque is only presented as the “coordinator” of the Nueva gramática de
la lengua española, he is in fact the author of most of it. This grammar
will be judged by future generations as a landmark in the history of Spanish
grammar and linguistics. Its present and future impact on research on and
teaching of the Spanish language world-wide cannot be overestimated. A
first sign of recognition has already come in the form of the Spanish National
Research Award (Premio Nacional de Investigación) awarded to Ignacio Bosque
in 2010.


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