!!Mary Beard - Selected Publications
__Seven books (out of a total of 14), of which three have appeared in the last three years:__\\
S.P.Q.R. A History of Ancient Rome (New York and London, 2015)\\

Laughter in Ancient Rome: On Joking, Tickling, and Cracking Up (Sather Classical Lectures 71) (Oakland, California, 2014)\\

Confronting the Classics: traditions, adventures, and innovations (New York and London, 2013)\\

Pompeii: the life of a Roman Town (London and Cambridge, MA., 2008)\\

The Roman Triumph (Cambridge, Ma., 2007)\\

The Parthenon (London and Cambridge, Ma., 2002)\\

The Invention of Jane Harrison (Cambridge, Ma., 2000)\\
__Three research papers, out of a very long list__ (see: [http://www.classics.cam.ac.uk/directory/mary-beard])
\\ \\
“While Ridgeway lives research can ne’er be dull”, in C. Stray (ed.), The Owl of Minerva: Cambridge Praelections 1906 (Cambridge, 2004)\\

"Ciceronian Correspondences: making a Book out of Letters", in T. P. Wiseman (ed.), Classics in Progress, (London, 2002), 103-144\\

"Looking (harder) for Roman myth:  Dumézil, declamation and the problems of definition" in F. Graf (ed.), Mythos in mythenloser Gesellschaft:  das Paradeigma Roms (Coll. Rauricum III, Stuttgart, 1993), 44-64