!!Angela Agostiano - Curriculum Vitae
Angela Agostiano is the President Elected of SCI (Italian Society of Chemistry), full professor  of Physical  Chemistry, at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bari-Italy and Head of the Bari division of the CNR-IPCF (Institute for Phyisico-Chemical Processes of the National Council of Research)
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__Autor of more than 220 publications (H-index=31) in the following fields:__
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*preparation and characterization of nanosized semiconductors for photochemical, environmental and sensing application and assembling of nanocrystals in organised structures or polymer matrix; characterisation from spectroscopical, structural, morphological and photo-electrochemical points of view\\
*photochemical, electrochemical and photo-electrochemical studies of the processes involved in the photosynthetic systems\\
*isolation, reconstitution and chemical-physics investigation of biomaterials involved in biological energy transduction and molecular recognition