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*[Christmas Meeting of Polish Academia Europaea Members|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Invitation to Christmas Meeting of Polish Academia Europaea Members], 11 December 2023


*[Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub Jubilee Event|Acad_Main/News2_Archive/AE Wrocław Knowledge Hub Jubilee Event], May 19, 2023.
*[Towards Development of Mediatization Research IV|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Towards development of mediatization research IV], Online workshop, 16 November 2020.

*[Media & Life After/During Covid-19 Pandemic|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Media and Life After and During Covid-19 Pandemic], 26 October 2020.

*The workshop "[Collective Identities, Nations and Social Spheres|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Workshop Collective Identities, Nations and Social Spheres]" was postponed and rescheduled to spring 2021.
*[Towards Development of Mediatization Research III Workshop|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Towards development of mediatization research III], Wroclaw, Poland, 15 November 2019

*[Beyond Identity? New Avenues for Interdisciplinary Research on Identity|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Beyond Identity]. Workshop organized by the University of Wrocław and the Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub. Wroclaw, Poland, 8-9 November 2019

*[Wrocław University of Science and Technology Interdisciplinary Scientific Seminar series of lectures|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Lecture by Prof. Adrian Bejan], lecture by Prof. Adrian Bejan, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, 24 June, 2019
*[Framework Agreement for the Continuation of Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub signed|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Wrocław Knowledge Hub], Wrocław, Poland, 15 October 2018

*[Towards development of the mediatization research II. Workshop with Professor Johan Fornäs|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Towards development of the mediatization research II], Wrocław, Poland, 13 December, 2018

*[Media as Public Good and a Lever of Sustainability|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Media as Public Good], Wrocław, Poland, 12-13 December, 2018

*[From Acute to Chronic Pain: the Role of Learning and Cerebral Plasticity|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Lecture by Prof. Herta Flor]. Lecture by [Professor Herta Flor|Member/Flor_Herta], University of Wroclaw, Poland, 29 November 2018

*[Philosophy and Topology|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Philosophy and Topology], Wroclaw Academic Hub, Wroclaw, Poland, October 5-6, 2018

*[Cultural Landscapes in Central and Eastern Europe|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cultural Landscapes in Central and Eastern Europe], Wrocław, Poland, 19-21 September 2018

*[Effective Goal Attainment by If-Then Planning|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Lecture of Prof. Peter Gollwitzer], Lecture of Prof. Peter Gollwitzer, Wrocław, Poland, 6 July 2018

*[Mediatization, digital media practice and banal civic engagement|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Lecture by Prof. Göran Bolin], lecture by Prof. Göran Bolin, Wrocław, Poland, 18 June 2018

*[We need lots of imagination to solve some of the big problems facing|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Lecture of Prof. Hermann Maurer in Wrocław], lecture by Prof. Hermann Maurer, University of Science and Technology,  Wrocław, Poland, 12 June 2018
*[Wroclaw Knowledge Hub Newsletter|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Wroclaw Knowledge Hub Newsletter], December 2017

*[Excellent Science Days 2.0|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Excellent Science Days 2.0], Wrocław, Poland, October 23rd – 25th, 2017

*[New Nationalisms: Sources, Agendas, Languages|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/New Nationalisms], Wrocław, Poland, 25-27 September 2017

*[XXXIX Max Born Symposium: Optics and its Applications (OPTICS-2017)|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Optics and its Applications], Wrocław, Poland, 3-7 July, 2017

*[The International Lithuania Congress|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/The International Lithuania Congress], Wrocław, Poland, May 22-24, 2017

*[Crossing Frontiers in Science: a physicist's approach|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Crossing Frontiers in Science a physicist's approach], Wrocław, Poland, May 18-20, 2017

*[Classical engines with ideal efficiency and nonzero power is it possible|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Classical engines with ideal efficiency and nonzero power is it possible], Wrocław, Poland, May 17, 2017

*[Framework Agreement for continuation of Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub in Wrocław signed|Acad_Main/News2_Archive/Framework Agreement for continuation of Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub in Wroclaw]

*[Mediterranean mobilities the moral geographies of encounters and daily life|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Mediterranean mobilities the moral geographies of encounters and daily life], Wrocław, Poland, December 14, 2016

*[ERC DAY IN WROCŁAW|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/ERC Day], Wrocław, Poland, November 14, 2016

*[Wetting and spreading in a physicist's practice|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Wetting and spreading in a physicist's practice], Wrocław, Poland, October 24, 2016

*[The Yeast. Challenge for technologists and microbiologists in beer production|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/The Yeast - Challenge for technologists and microbiologists in beer production], Wrocław, Poland, October 15, 2016

*[World Food Day 2016|http://acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/event/lecture-by-peter-raspor-for-marking-world-food-day-2016], Wrocław, Poland, October 14, 2016

*[Central Europe and Colonialism: Migrations, Knowledges, Perspectives, Commodities|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Central Europe and Colonialism], Wrocław, Poland, September 21-23, 2016

*[How to write a history of Europe?|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/How to write a history of Europe], Wrocław, Poland, September 20, 2016

*[Summer School of Democracy|Acad_Main/Sections/Economics_Business_and_Management_Sciences/News_Archive/Summer School of Democracy], Wrocław, Poland, June 20, 2016

*[The expansion of Europe and intercontinental migration|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/The expansion of Europe and intercontinental migration], Wrocław, Poland, May 4, 2016

*[Paths towards scientific independence: Young scientists’ careers in Europe|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Path towards scientific independence Young scientists’ careers in Europe], Wrocław, Poland, April 15, 2016

*[Debate on Horizon 2020|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Debate on Horizon 2020], Wrocław, Poland, April 8, 2016

*[Immigration, cultural identity and the applicable law|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Challenges of Contemporary Migrations], Wrocław, Poland, April 6, 2016

*[Conceptions and practices of democracy: Participation and deliberation in civil society and public institutions|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Conceptions and practices of democracy], Wrocław, Poland, January 21, 2016
*[200 years of the Cracow Learned Society|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/200 years of the Cracow Learned Society], Kraków, Poland, December 9-10, 2015

*[Debate Poland, Germany, Ukraine and the migration crisis in Europe|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Debate Poland, Germany, Ukraine and the migration crisis in Europe], Wrocław, Poland, November 27, 2015

*[Excellent Science Days|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Excellent Science Days], Wrocław, Poland, November 5-6, 2015

*[Flexible Query Answering Systems 2015|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Flexible Query Answering Systems], Kraków, Poland, October 26 - 28, 2015

*[Globalizing the city and the grassroots: Political geographies of urban movements and linguistic diversity|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Globalizing the city and the grassroots], Wrocław, Poland, 22 October 2015

*[Lessons from power sector reform by Professor Einar Hope|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Lessons from power sector reform by Professor Einar Hope], Wrocław, Poland, 15 October 2015

*[Language endangerment and revitalization - Poznań Linguistic Meeting|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Language endangerment and revitalization - Poznań Linguistic Meeting], Poznań, Poland, 17–19 September 2015

*[Cooperation Forum Poland – Romania – The Republic of Moldova|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cooperation Forum Poland – Romania – The Republic of Moldova], Wrocław, Poland, 17 September, 2015

*[Summer School ‘Nationalism and Populism as Challenges for European Unity’|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Summer School - Nationalism and Populism as Challenges for European Unity], Wrocław, Poland, 13-22 September, 2015

*[Interview with speaker of the Seminar Literary Margins and Digital Media|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Interview with keynote speaker of the Seminar Literary Margins and Digital M], seminar organised by Academia Europea Knowledge Hub Wrocław in cooperation with the Wrocław University 

*[Literary margins and digital media|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Literary margins and digital media], Wroclaw, Poland, 15-17 April 2015

*[Meeting of regional Members of Academia Europaea|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/index.php?mIt=36&act=14&idEvent=22], Wroclaw, Poland, 19 March 2015
*[European rationalism|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/European rationalism]: Lecture by [Professor Jan Woleński|User/Woleński_Jan] - ''European rationalism?'' Wroclaw, Poland, 27 November 2014

*[EUROPA UNA Lecture|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Europa Una Lecture]: Lecture by [Professor Yale H. Ferguson|User/Ferguson_Yale_Hicks] - ''The United States, NATO, and Ukraine: European Security in a Changing Context,'' Wroclaw, Poland, 17 November 2014

*[Wymiary Europy|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Wymiary Europy], Public lecture by Professor Adam Chmielewski, Wroclaw, Poland, 20 October 2014

*[REGIMES OF MEMORY II. Types of trauma management in Central and Eastern Europe - Programme|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Regimes of Memory 2], Wroclaw, Poland, 9 - 10 October 2014

*[3E+ Energy Electronics Electricity Nanotechnology 2014|Acad_Main/Past_Events/Energy Electronics Electricity Nanotechnology 2014], Wroclaw, Poland, 7 July 2014

*[Summer School of Democracy 2014|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Summer%20School%202014], Wroclaw, Poland, 23 June 2014

*[Design of a fully renewable European energy system - challenges for system engineering, applied mathematics and physics of complex networks by Martin O.W. Greiner|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Renewable Energy in Europe], Wroclaw, Poland, 29-30 May 2014

*[EUROPA UNA|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Europa Una] - Public lecture by Professor Horst Möller on "First World War: the Great Seminal Catastrophe of the 20th Century," Wroclaw, Poland, 12 May 2014
*[Early Modern Print Culture in Central Europe|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Early Modern Print Culture], Wroclaw, Poland, 16-18 September 2013

*[25th Anniversary Conference|http://ae2013wroclaw.com],"European Science and scholarship looking ahead: challenges of the next 25 years." Wroclaw, Poland, 16-19 September 2013

*[Transformations of politics and economics in Eastern Europe - evidences from empirical data 2000-2012 by Klaus von Beyme|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/index.php?mIt=36&act=14&idEvent=12], Wroclaw, Poland, 6 July 2013

*[The impact of Decolonisation on Europaean Politics, 1945-1975 by Pieter Emmer|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/index.php?mIt=36&act=14&idEvent=13], Wroclaw, Poland, 25 June 2013

*[Epidemics of bubonic plague - their causes and serious consequences for European history in the late medieval and early modern period by Lars Walloe|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/index.php?mIt=36&act=14&idEvent=11], Wroclaw, Poland, 24 April 2013
*[Changing Perspectives on Society and Environment: Retrospect and Prospect by Anne Buttimer|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/index.php?mIt=36&act=14&idEvent=10], Wroclaw, Poland, 18 December 2012

*[Regimes of memory, patterns of consolidation. Comparative issues|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/index.php?mIt=36&act=14&idEvent=16], Wroclaw, Poland, 30 October 2012

*[Belgium: from a unitarian to federal state by Chantal Kesteloot|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/index.php?mIt=36&act=14&idEvent=9], Wroclaw, Poland 29 October 2012
*[Launching of the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub – Wroclaw|http://www.acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/index.php?mIt=37&act=14&idNews=22], Wroclaw, Poland 16 December 2011

*[2016|Acad_Main/Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Wrocław News 2016]

*[2017|Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Wrocław News 2015]