!!Towards development of the mediatization research II 
!!Workshop with Professor Johan Fornäs
!Wrocław, Poland on 13th December, 2018
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__Seminar Organisers:__\\
[Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, University of Wrocław|https://international.uni.wroc.pl/pl/master/journalism] 
[Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub|http://acadeuro.wroclaw.pl]. 
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Forum of Young Media and Communication Scholars of the Polish Communication Association
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__Idea of the seminar:\\__
- closed specialized workshop lead by the expert devoted to discussions of the planned, ongoing and completed research on cultural dimensions of mediatization
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__Possible topics:\\__
* mediatization theory: development and critics
* theoretical challenges: conceptualizations of mediatization
* cultural aspects of mediatization processes
* mediatization of culture: arts, popular culture and everyday life
* methodological and empirical aspects of studies on cultural dimensions of mediatization
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__Possible presented materials:\\__
* work in progress
* extended abstracts
* final papers
* research proposals

__Proposed reading:\\__
*Fornäs, Johan (2017): Defending culture: Conceptual foundations and contemporary debate, Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 71-84.   
*Ekström, Anders, Johan Fornäs, André Jansson & Anne Jerslev (2016): “Three tasks for mediatization research: Contributions to an open agenda”, Media, Culture & Society, 38:7, 1090-1108.
*Fornäs, Johan (2016): “The mediatisation of third-time tools: Culturalising and historicising temporality”, International Journal of Communication, 10, 5213–5232 (http://ijoc.org/index.php/ijoc/article/view/5082/1821).
*Fornäs, Johan (2014): “Culturalizing mediatization”, Andreas Hepp & Friedrich Krotz (eds): Mediatized worlds: Culture and society in a media age, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 38-53.
*Fornäs, Johan (2014): Chapter 21 “Mediatization of popular culture”, Knut Lundby (ed.): Mediatization of communication (Handbooks of Communication Science 21), Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter Mounton, 483-504.
*Fornäs, Johan (1995): Cultural theory and late modernity, London: Sage, 1-17, 80-94, 210-221.
__More information about Prof. Johan Fornäs:__

*[AE page|Member/Fornäs_Johan]