!!Press releases and published opinions


*[Stick to Science|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Stick to Science]. The Academia Europaea strongly supports the initiative “Stick to Science, 8 February 2022.

*[Press release: Academia Europaea appoints first female President, Prof. Marja Makarow|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Academia Europaea appoints first female President]. 1 January 2022.


*[AE Statement on the recent UK Government decision to cut research funding for overseas collaborative research development projects|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Recent cuts to the UK Overseas Development Aid research budget]. 16 April 2021.

*[Press release|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Bogazici_University] published by the Board of trustees of the AE responding to the recent attacks on the academic freedom of the institution and staff of Boğaziçi University in Turkey. 8 May 2021.


*[EU Future of research and innovation policy|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/EU Future of research and innovation policy]. Academia Europaea publishes a statement of principles for the Future of Research and innovation policy of the European Union – Forward from 2020.

*[Open letter to the European Commission, 48 Members of the European Parliament and health stakeholders call for strengthened leadership to overcome silos and promote cooperation in health research|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Call for European leadership in health research]. The initiative is endorsed by Academia Europaea. July 2020.

*[Academia Europaea Position Paper on Translational Medicine: The Cycle Model for Translating Scientific Results into Community Benefits|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Position Paper on Translational Medicine]. May 2020.

*[Petition by the Friends of the ERC|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Friends of the ERC]. Academia Europaea endorses the petition by the Friends of the ERC calling upon the Heads of States and Governments, to secure funding for the ERC in Horizon Europe, the next European framework programme for Research and Innovation. April 2020.


*“[Science, Ethics and Responsibility|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/World Science Forum 2019]”. Academia Europaea strongly supports the principles that have been set out in the WSF declaration on “Science, Ethics and Responsibility”, that was agreed at the 2019 World Science Forum, held in Budapest November 2019.

*[Petition – early Research and Innovation Agreement between the UK and EU|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Early Research and Innovation Agreement between the UK and EU], June 2019

*[The future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/The future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication]. A response to a consulation made by the EASSH to a call from the European Commission: "Stakeholder consultation on the future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication", 25 March 2019

*[Statement on the situation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Hungarian Academy], 20 February 2019

*[Award of an ERASMUS MEDAL to Professor Sonia Livingstone MAE|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/2019 Erasmus Medal], 8 April 2019

*["Stakeholder consultation on the future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication”|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/The future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communication], 25 March 2019


*[Academia Europaea announces the award of a Gold Medal to Robert-Jan Smits at their 30th anniversary celebration event|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Academia Europaea 30th Anniversary celebration], held at the Royal Society of London, 24 September 2018

*[Award of a Gold Medal to Robert-Jan Smits|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Robert-Jan Smits], 5 June 2018

*[New data confirm increased frequency of extreme weather events, European national science academies urge further action on climate change adaptation|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Increased frequency of extreme weather events], EASAC Press release, 21 March 2018

*[Negative emission technologies: What role in meeting Paris Agreement targets?|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Negative Emission Technologies],  1 February 2018


*[EASAC report from European science academies calls for urgent action on food and nutrition security: Europe will need to change its diet to address climate change and health|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Call for urgent action on food and nutrition security]. EASAC Press Release, 5 December 2017

*[Patentability of inventions involving human embryonic stem cells in Europe|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Patentability of inventions involving human embryonic stem cells in Europe]. ALLEA Press Release, 19 October 2017

*[EASAC policy report: “VALUING DEDICATED STORAGE IN ELECTRICITY GRIDS”|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Electricity Storage]. EASAC Press Release, 19 June 2017

*[EASAC report on genome editing advises European policy-makers on how to approach groundbreaking research on plants, animals, microbes and humans|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Genome Editing], 23 March 2017

*[Open letter on recent developments in science in the US|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Euroscience open letter], February 13, 2017

*[The Future of European Knowledge and the Role of Social Sciences and Humanities Research|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/EASSH], January 9, 2017


*[Data Protection Directive|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Data Protection Directive]: Implementing the General Data Protection Regulation [[2016/679] to maintain a competitive environment for research in Europe, October 13, 2016

*[Science is Global|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Science is Global], July 25, 2016

*[Patent-Related Aspects of CRISPR-Cas Technology|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Patent-Related Aspects of CRISPR-Cas Technology], July 21, 2016

*[European High Level Policy Group Meeting|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/European High Level Policy Group Meeting]. Presidents of the European Academy Networks meet EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas and the High Level Group of Scientific Advisors, March 17, 2016

*[A letter to the President of the Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, on the issue of science funding in the Ukraine|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Letter to the President of the Ukraine], 26 February, 2016

*[Press statement in support of Turkish Academicians and the freedom of academic expression|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Press statement in support of Turkish Academicians] 25 February, 2016


*[Report on Gain of Function research|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Report on Gain of Function research]. EASAC Press Release, October 2015

*[Research Excellence at the Science Academies of Europe|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Research Excellence at the Science Academies of Europe]. Extensive study of science academy research and the potential for collaboration, June 2015

*[Press release|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Science Advisory Mechanism]: Science Advisory Mechanism. European Academy Organisations' statement on President Juncker's announcement of the new mechanism for independent scientific advice, 13 May 2015

*[Proposed Directive on the Use of Animals in EU Research|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Proposed Directive on the Use of Animals in EU Research], supported by Academia Europaea, April 2015

*[Press release|Acad_Main/News_Archive/European Academy Organisations Sign Memorandum of Understanding]: European Academy Organisations Sign Memorandum of Understanding, by ALLEA (All European Academies), 26 March 2015

*[The European Fund for Strategic Investment|Acad_Main/News_Archive/The European Fund for Strategic Investment]: Statement of the Board of trustees of the Academia Europaea, February 2015


*[Press release|Acad_Main/News_Archive/AE Press release Horizon 2020]: AE comment on the proposal of the President of the European Commission for a significant change of policy and budget for the Horizon 2020 support  program for research and innovation, December 3, 2014

*[Press release|2014 Medicine Nobel prize press release.pdf] on the Nobel Prize Award to [May-Britt Moser|User/Moser_May-Britt] and [Edvard I. Moser|User/Moser_Edvard], October 2014

*[Press release|Press_release_July_2014_New_President.pdf] on the election of the new president of Academia Europaea, Professor Sierd Cloetingh, July 17, 2014

*[Press release|Academia Europaea_Bergen_Hub_press_release_June2014.pdf] on the inauguration of the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Region Bergen, June 2, 2014

*[Funding Policies and Research Values: Strategies, Prospects, Risks, Needs|Acad_Main/Past_Events/2011-present/Funding Policies and Research Values - Strategies, Prospects, Risks, Needs/Press Release]. Workshop organized by Cinzia Ferrini, member of the PHILOSOPHY, THEOLOGY & RELIGIOUS STUDIES section. Venue: Aula Magna of the Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori, Trieste, Italy. May 2014.

*[Press release: Award of the Academia Europaea Erasmus Medal to Prof. Dr. Kurt Mehlhorn MAE|Press release_Erasmus_Medal_2014.pdf], April 24, 2014


*[Academia Europaea Statement relating to the ‘San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment: Putting Science into the Assessment of Research|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/AE Press Release 12 August 2013], August 12, 2013


*"[AE and the international science-policy-related activity|12-09-23-Langer.pdf]" Presented at Bergen September 2012 by Jerzy Langer

*[Academia Europaea Statement on the Role of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Role_of_Humanities_and_Social_Sciences], January 2012


*[AE Response to the European Commission Green paper|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/AE_Response_to_the_Commission_Green_paper], May 19, 2011


*[A commentary on the European Commission strategy: "Europe 2010"|AE_A_Commentary_on_the_EC_Strategy_2010.pdf]

*"Europe 2020, a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" - [A Commentary from the Academia Europaea |Europe 2020.pdf], April 2010\\

*[Key points|Key points in the Commentary.pdf] in the Commentary to the Commission Report "Europe 2020", April 2010\\

*Lars Walloe on the [European Research Council|Walloe_on_ERC.pdf] 2010, AE meeting, Spain\\ 

*Lars Walloe on [The meaning of excellence and the need for excellence in research|Walloe-on-Exellence.pdf], AE meeting, Wroclaw, Poland, 2010

*Lars Walloe at the Royal Society on [22 Years Academia Europaea|Acad_Main/Publications/22_Years_Academia_Europaea]


*A [statement|Humanities_statement.pdf] by the Academia Europaea on the importance of the Humanities in the context of the European Research Area, September 2004. The statement was prepared by an expert panel of members of the Academia Europaea: Professor [Jürgen Mittelstrass|User/Mittelstrass_Jürgen] (Philosophy), Professor Jørgen Rischel (Linguistics), Professor [Stig Strömholm|User/Strömholm_Stig] (Law), Professor [Henk Wesseling|User/Wesseling_Henk] (History).
!!Publications about the Academy

* [The role of the ae-info.org server|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/The role of the ae-info server]

*[Information leaflet|AE DL Leaflet 2016 final 21.07.2016.pdf] about the Academy (updated July 21, 2016)

*__Research Europe__, 23 January 2014. Rebecca Hill from Research Europe speaks to the Academy’s board members: [Raising their game|Acad_Main/Publications/Press_release/Research Europa]