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!!The 2021 annual member conference of Academia Europaea (AE) and Young academy of Europe (YAE)
!![THE CONFERENCE WEBSITE|http://www.buildingbridges-acadeuro.org]
__During the week of 11 October__, the four classes - __Humanities__ (Chair [Poul Holm|Member/Holm_Poul]); __Social and Societal Sciences __([Chair Björn Wittrock|Member/Wittrock_Björn]); __Exact Sciences__ ([Chair Don Dingwell|Member/Dingwell_Donald]) and __Life sciences__ ([Chair [Eva Kondorosi|Member/Kondorosi_Éva] and [Peter Hegyi|Member/Hegyi_Péter]]) will organise [[with their Section committees] and run four separate Class meetings online. The focus, will be on new members elected in 2020. But of course the Class sessions will be open for any member to “attend”. These Class sessions will include a welcome and short  presentations by new members and also an outstanding keynote speaker(s)/discussion session. 

!Introduction of new members elected in 2020

[Class A1 - Humanities|Slideshow Class A1 New Members 2020.pdf]\\
[Class A2 - Social and Societal Sciences|Slideshow new members 2020 class A2_version_Oct_7.pdf]\\
[Class B - Exact and Natural Sciences|Slideshow Members 2020_CLASS B.pdf]\\
[Class C - Life Sciences|Slideshow Members 2020_CLASS C_05.10.2021_FINAL.pdf]

!!The virtual only class sessions

!14th October 2021

*__A1 Class session - Humanities__\\ \\The first part of the session is jointly with A2. The second part is Class A1 only - welcome to 2020 new members.\\__Organizer:__ [Prof. Poul Holm|Member/Holm_Poul]
*__Class A2 - Social and Societal Sciences__\\ \\The first part of the session is jointly with A1. Second part is Class A2 only - welcome to 2020 new members.\\__Organizer:__ [Prof. Björn Wittrock|Member/Wittrock_Björn]\\ \\Host Contact for the joint session:  Nils Olav Sæverås [Nils.Severas@uib.no|mailto:Nils.Severas@uib.no]\\Host Contact for Class A1 only session: Nils Olav Sæverås [Nils.Severas@uib.no|mailto:Nils.Severas@uib.no]\\Host Contact for Class A2 only session: Joanne D’Arcy [darcyjo@tcd.ie|mailto:darcyjo@tcd.ie]

!15th October 2021

*__Class B – Exact and Natural Sciences__\\__Organizer:__ [Prof. Don Dingwell|Member/Dingwell_Donald]\\Host Contact: Friederike Brandthaus [f.brandthaus@lmu.de|mailto:f.brandthaus@lmu.de]\\[Class B programme|Class B programme.pdf]

!Class B programme
%%(font-size: 80%;)
|14:00|14:10|Welcome to the AE from the President|Sierd Cloetingh|“What is the AE?”
|14:10|14:15|Welcome to the Exact and Natural Sciences Class B|Don Dingwell (Chair)|Introduction to the Class and Sections
|14:15|15:00|__Keynote lecture and discussion__|Domenico Giardini MAE\\Chair: Don Dingwell|__“Mars missions”__
|15:00|16:30|__Welcome to members elected in 2020__|Chair Class and Section chairs|__''Short presentations by members elected in 2020''__
||16:30||End of Class Session|| || ||
!18th October 2021

*__Class C – Life Sciences__\\__Organizer:__ [Prof. Eva Kondorosi|Member/Kondorosi_Éva] and [Prof. Peter Hegyi|Member/Hegyi_Péter]\\Host Contact: Juliet Davies [AECardiffHub@cardiff.ac.uk|mailto:AECardiffHub@cardiff.ac.uk]

!Class C programme
%%(font-size: 80%;)
|14.00| |Quick welcome and introductions to the Chairs|Eva Kondorosi and Peter Hegyi|
|14:00|14:20|Welcome by the AE President|Sierd Cloetingh|
|14:20|14:30|Welcome to Class C, Life Sciences Class Section|Eva Kondorosi, Class Chair|
|14:30|15:10|Keynote lecture|Katalin Kariko|“Vaccine development and use of mRNA technology in other diseases”
|15:10|15:20|Break| |
|15:20|Approx. 16:30|Welcome to members elected in 2020|Peter Hegyi, Session Chair|Short presentations by members elected in 2020
|Approx. 16.30| |End of Class Meeting|Peter Hegyi, Session chair|
*Those member intending to participate in any of the Class sessions must register via the main [Barcelona conference website|http://www.buildingbridges-acadeuro.org].
*[Download the programme of all class sessions|draftClass-programme-07-October-2021.pdf] (7 October 2021)
!!The (virtual) plenary conference sessions

The __plenary conference sessions__ will take place on __20th and 21st of October__. The event will be open to all AE and YAE members. 

!There will be a programme of outstanding AE speakers:

[Roger Penrose|Member/Penrose_Roger] ([2020 Erasmus Medal|Acad_Main/News2_Archive/Erasmus Medal] winner and recent Nobel Laureate -  Mathematics and Physics) will deliver the delayed 2020 Erasmus Lecture, [Ole Petersen|Member/Petersen_Ole] (AE Hon. Vice president, Cardiff Hub Director and AE Gold medallist - Physiology) will present the Gold medal Lecture.
\\ \\
Other keynote lectures will be given by [Quentin Skinner|Member/Skinner_Quentin] (Balzan Prize winner -  Social  and European History), [Mara Dierssen|Member/Dierssen_Mara] (Cognition, behaviour and health), [Don Dingwell|Member/Dingwell_Donald] (Munich Hub Director, Hon. Vice president and trustee -Volcanology),  and [Susan Trumbore|Member/Trumbore_Susan] (Balzan prize winner – Carbon cycling in plants and soils). 
\\ \\
There will also be a [Young Academy|https://yacadeuro.org] Panel debate and the presentation of the [YAE  Andre Mischke Prize for 2021|Acad_Main/News_Archive/André Mischke YAE Prize 2021] to Grant Hill-Cawthorne, Director of the UK Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST). 

!All members are welcome to [register|http://www.buildingbridges-acadeuro.org] and participate. 

Members elected this year (2021) will be invited to come to Barcelona in 2022 for a normal physical conference.

!Wednesday, 20 October (PRBB Auditorium)

|10:30	|__Welcome to Building Bridges 2021__\\[Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd], AE President (Distinguished Professor, University of Utrecht)
|10:45	|__Recap of Class meetings by Chairs__\\Class A1-Humanities: [Poul Holm|Member/Holm_Poul]\\Class A2-Social and Related Sciences: [Björn Wittrock|Member/Wittrock_Björn], Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study\\Class B-Exact Sciences: [Don Dingwell|Member/Dingwell_Donald], LMU Munich\\Class C-Life Sciences: [Eva Kondorosi|Member/Kondorosi_Éva], Institute of Plant Biology, Biological Research Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence
|11:45	|__Academia Europaea Erasmus Medal and Lecture, “Upside-Down: Revolutions in Physics, Old and New”__\\AE Erasmus Medallist: [Sir Roger Penrose|Member/Penrose_Roger], Oxford University, and 2020 Nobel Laureate in Physics\\''Laudatio:'' [Lord Martin Rees|Member/Rees_Martin], Astronomer Royal, University of Cambridge\\Introduction: [Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd], AE President 
|12:30|__Academia Europaea’s Gold Award: “Science, Scientific Publishing and Scientific Advice for Policy: 50 years of personal experiences”__\\Gold Award recipient: [Ole Petersen|Member/Petersen_Ole], Cardiff University, AE Cardiff Knowledge Hub\\''Laudatio:'' [Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd], AE President
||13:15||Break for lunch				
|15:00	|__Balzan Prize Lecture I: ““The Amazon and Global Change”__\\2020 Balzan Prize Winner: [Susan Trumbore|Member/Trumbore_Susan], Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry\\Chair: [Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd], AE President 
|15:45	|__Barcelona 2021 speaker I: “Volcanism: from wonder and fear to experiment and intervention”__\\[Don Dingwell|Member/Dingwell_Donald], LMU Munich and AE Munich Knowledge Hub\\Chair: [Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd], AE President
||16:30	||End day 1 
!Thursday, 21 October (PRBB Auditorium)

|9:30|__AE Annual Business Meeting of AE members__\\Chair [Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd], AE President
|11:30|__Welcome and introduction from the AE President-Elect__\\[Marja Makarow|Member/Makarow_Marja], AE President-Elect (Professor, University of Helsinki, and Director, Biocenter Finland) 
|11:45	|__Balzan Prize Lecture II: “How Should We Think About Freedom?”__\\2006 Balzan Prize Winner: [Quentin Skinner|Member/Skinner_Quentin], Queen Mary University of London\\Chair: [Peter Wagner|Member/Wagner_Peter], ICREA and University of Barcelona
|12:15|__André Mischke YAE Prize 2021 for Science and Policy__\\André Mischke YAE Prize 2021 winner: __Marian Verhelst__, KU Leuven\\Introduction: __Gemma Modinos__, Chair, Young Academy of Europe (YAE)\\''Laudatio:'' __Arild Husby__, Uppsala University
||13:00||Lunch break		
|14:30|	__Young Academy of Europe (YAE) Panel: “Redefining Rewards & Recognitions for European Scholars”__\\Chair: __Gemma Modinos__, Young Academy of Europe (YAE)\\Panellists: __Michael Murphy__, European University Association; __Konstantinos Glinos__, Unit for Open Science, European Commission; __Rebecca Lawrence__, F1000Research (TBC); __Moniek Tromp__, Vice-Chair, Young Academy of Europe (YAE). 
|15:45|__Barcelona 2021 speaker II: “The mysteries of memory: how it is stored (the engram) and how it is retrieved (the ecphory). How to erase, manipulate or cure memory loss”__\\[Mara Dierssen|Member/Dierssen_Mara], Centre for Genomic Regulation - Barcelona\\Chair: [Eva Kondorosi|Member/Kondorosi_Éva], Institute of Plant Biology, Biological Research Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence\\
|16:20|__Close and farewell toastfrom outgoing President [Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd]__
||16:30	|| End of Building Bridges 2021


Download the [plenary programme|Programme - Building Bridges 2021 (v12 oct 2021).pdf] (last updated 12 October 2021).

\\ \\
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!!See you in Barcelona!