!!Summer School 2014 
!__[University of Wrocław|http:///www.uni.wroc.pl], [University of Koblenz- Landau|http:///www.uni-koblenz-landau.de], [Université Libre de Bruxelles|http:///www.ulb.ac.be], [University of Bucharest|http:///www.unibuc.ro], [Babes-Bolyai University|http:///www.ubbcluj.ro/ro] and Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub - Wrocław invite for __"Summer school on Democracy"
Erasmus Intensive Program (IP)  __"Summerschool on Democracy" innovation and change in the private and public sectors__ is a second edition of a three year project which will be held in __June 2014 in Wrocław, Poland__. As the project is a logical continuation of the first edition of the (IP) "Summerschool of Democracy" How old and new democracies cope with the economic crisis, all the gathered information and the conclusions that were drawn during the first edition of the IP will be used during the second edition. While the first edition of the IP was aimed at measuring the ways in which private companies and public institutions were adapting to the changing economic environment and adapting strategies which were aimed at assuring survival during the economic crisis, the second edition will mostly focus on more strategic planning and future development that will increase the flexibility, competitiveness and allow for a more sustainable development of public administration. As an example, The polish Minister of Administration and digitalization introduced an innovative program of the polish Voivodeships (provinces) that is supposed to revitalize the public sector in terms of HR, logistics or accountancy. The nature, methods of implementation and strategies of the public and private sectors in different European states and in Poland will thus be the most important focus of the second edition of the IP.  

!Aims and Objectives of the Project
* increasing mobility by entering into personal and institutional contacts
* international and multilateral cooperation of partners and participants of the project
* exchanging teaching experiences and methods in an international environment in order to expand a curriculum for studying democracy
* developing students' interest in multiculturalism and understanding of political and cultural diversity
* developing intercultural, communication and cooperation skills

!The Academia Europaea member, [Andras Korosenyi (Hungary)|http:///www.ae-info.org/ae/User/K%C3%B6r%C3%B6s%C3%A9nyi_Andr%C3%A1s] delivered a lecture during the Opening Ceremony on ''Political leadership and innivation in normal and in exceptional times ''

More information about the lecture can be found [here|http:///www.ae-info.org/ae/Acad_Main/Wroclaw_Knowledge_Hub/Visiting%20Lectures]
[Programme|Schedule17.03.2014.pdf] (as for March 17, 2014.)
Follow the updates on [the project website|http:///www.summerschool.uni.wroc.pl] and on [Facebook|https:///www.facebook.com/pages/Summer-School-at-the-Institute-of-Political-Science-Wroclaw/334451746637247]
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