!!An open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine
__Published by [Access 2 Perspectives|https://access2perspectives.org/2022/02/an-open-letter-from-russian-scientists-and-science-journalists-against-the-war-with-ukraine] on February 27, 2022__
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!The AE Board of trustees  wish to recognise and to thank the several thousand of individual scholars who have signed the open letter of condemnation of the war against Ukraine: [https://access2perspectives.org/2022/02/an-open-letter-from-russian-scientists-and-science-journalists-against-the-war-with-ukraine].

!This letter and access to the list of signatories seems now to have been blocked by the Russian authorities.  This is a regretful course of action. We also wish to express our support for similar letters published on behalf of Russian Mathematicians and by the wider Russian academic diaspora.
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