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!!Announcements of events and news via Twitter (X)

If you follow the Academia Europaea site via __Twitter (X)__, you will be alerted when __new activities, events, announcements and news__ are posted at the site. It is not intended to use this feature excessively, but the feature will facilitate the information flow between the Academia Europaea and its members and visitors of the site.
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To become a follower, just click on the __follow@acadeuro__ button (left top corner).
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The Academia Europaea Twitter (X) site is at: [https://twitter.com/acad_euro|https://twitter.com/acad_euro]

!!Share content via social media
The Academia Europaea site now offers a possibility to connect with a number of __social media__ (buttons at the top right corner of the page). This gives you the opportunity to easily share information about the AE that you find interesting or important.
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