!!Elected members 2024
__25%%sup th/% March 2024__

!The Board of trustees are pleased to announce that on 25th March, 2024, following an extensive peer review of nominations, the Board of trustees have agreed to invite 365 eminent scholars to accept membership of the Academia Europaea in the four Classes of humanities and arts; social and related sciences; exact sciences and life sciences.

!Over the coming weeks as the invited scholars accept membership, their names will be released and their profiles will be made available at the Academy website.

!Please notice that the registration of new members is an ongoing process.

!List of [elected members|Acad_Main/List_of_Members/Elected members 2024] who have already accepted the invitation to join Academia Europaea and whose registration process has been concluded. The list is not final and changes almost on a daily basis, as new members complete the acceptance and registration process.


The Academia Europaea (formed in 1988) is the pan-European academy of science, humanities and letters, with a membership of over 5000 eminent scholars, drawn from all countries of Europe, and all disciplines, nationalities and geographical locations.
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Full information on the Academia Europaea, its regional Knowledge Hubs and the Young Academy of Europe, together with information about all individual AE members, AE events and activity can be found via the website at [http://www.ae-info.org].
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