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*[Interview Spotlight Series|http://aecardiffknowledgehub.wales/2019/08/14/interview-spotlight-series]\\Read the series of interviews with Members of Academia Europaea connected with the Cardiff Knowledge Hub. The members share their career highlights and their views on key issues in research. 

*[The Future of Research: Assessing the impact of Plan S.|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Assessing the Impact of Plan S] An international symposium, organised by the AE Cardiff Hub with KU Leuven Libraries, KU Leuven, 5th-6th November 2019
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!Past events


*[Science for policy: A European Perspective|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Science for policy], Swansea University Bay Campus, Cardiff, 4 September 2018


*[International Networks: Creating Opportunities for Collaborative Research and Funding|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/International Networks], Cardiff University, UK, 28 November 2017 

*[The world in 2050 and beyond|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/The world in 2050 and beyond], Cardiff University, United Kingdom, 6 April, 2017

*Interview with [Ole Petersen|Acad_Main/News2_Archive/Ole Petersen], Vice-President Academia Europaea and Cardiff Hub Academic Director, January 2017


*[The future of UK research and scholarship|http://aecardiffknowledgehub.wales/2016/11/16/the-future-of-uk-research-and-scholarship-a-panel-debate-hosted-by-the-cardiff-hub]: a panel debate hosted by the Cardiff Hub, November 2016
*[Launch of the strategic plan of the new AE Knowledge Hub in Wales|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Launch of the strategic plan of the AE Cardiff Knowledge Hub]
*[The Future of UK Research and Scholarship|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/The Future of UK Research and Scholarship], Cardiff, UK, November 11, 2016
*[Anti-Influenza Therapy|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Anti-Influenza Therapy], Cardiff, UK, November 11, 2016
!Annual report

*[Cardiff Knowledge Hub Annual Report 2018|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cardiff Knowledge Hub Annual Report 2018]

*[Cardiff Knowledge Hub Annual Report 2017|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cardiff Knowledge Hub Annual Report 2017]
*[Cardiff Knowledge Hub Annual Report 2016|Final-Annual-Report-2016.pdf]

*[Newsletter|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cardiff Knowledge Hub Newsletter Summer 2018], Summer 2018
*[Newsletter|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cardiff Knowledge Hub Newsletter Spring 2018], Spring 2018


*[Newsletter|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cardiff Knowledge Hub Newsletter Winter 2017-2018], Winter 2017-2018
*[Newsletter|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cardiff Knowledge Hub Newsletter Autumn 2017], Autumn 2017
*[Newsletter|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cardiff Knowledge Hub Newsletter Summer 2017], Summer 2017
*[Newsletter|Acad_Main/Cardiff_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Cardiff Knowledge Hub Newsletter Spring 2017], Spring 2017
*[Newsletter|Cardiff-Hub-Newsletter-Winter-2017.pdf], Winter 2017


*[Newsletter|Cardiff-Hub-Newsletter-Autumn-2016.pdf], Autumn 2016
*[Newsletter|[Cardiff-Hub-Newsletter-Summer-2016.pdf], Summer 2016


*[Newsletter|AE_Cardiff_Hub_X_mas_card_DEC_2015.pdf], December 2015