!!The Future of UK Research and Scholarship

__Date:__ 		11 November 2016\\
__Time: __		11:45-13:30\\
__Venue:	__Seminar Room 2, CUBRIC Building, Maindy Road, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales.  CF24 4HQ, UK

In the wake of the referendum result on the UK’s membership of the European Union, many questions have been raised around the future of UK research and scholarship in a post-Brexit world. This panel session will explore constructive ideas about how best to pursue European and other international collaborations in a post-Brexit world and how the UK can continue to have a strong input into international science policymaking.
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Professor Richard Catlow, the incoming Foreign Secretary at the Royal Society, will give an opening talk. There will then be short presentations by our panel and an opportunity for wider debate with the audience.
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!Our panellists are:

__Chair:__ Professor Peter Halligan FMedSci FLSW, Chief Executive, The Learned Society of Wales

Professor Richard Catlow FRS, Professor of Catalytic and Computational Chemistry, Cardiff University and Foreign Secretary, Royal Society (from December 2016)

[Sir John Skehel|Member/Skehel_John] FMedSci FRS MAE, Vice-President and Biological Secretary, Royal Society

Professor Nora de Leeuw FRSC, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International and Europe), Cardiff University

[Professor Ole Petersen|Member/Petersen_Ole] CBE FRS MAE LSW, MRC Professor, Cardiff University and Academic Director, Academia Europaea Cardiff Knowledge Hub

Professor Angela Casini, Chair of Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry, School of Chemistry, Cardiff University and member of the Young Academy of Europe Board


11.15 Coffee\\
11.45 Opening talk by Professor Richard Catlow\\
12.15 Short statements by members of the panel\\
12.40 Audience discussion\\
13.15 Wrap-up and close\\
13.15 Lunch
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Note: There will be an afternoon lecture by Sir John Skehel. Further details and booking via: [http://www.eventbrite.com/e/lecture-by-sir-john-skehel-fmedsci-frs-mae-anti-influenza-therapy-tickets-27485422639]
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This event is co-organised with the Learned Society of Wales. 
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We are grateful to the Academy of Medical Sciences for its sponsorship of the event.
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Booking is via Eventbrite: [https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-future-of-uk-research-and-scholarship-tickets-20629436199]
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