!!Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024
!Academia Europaea are pleased to announce the publication of a [new five-year strategic plan|Strategic Plan (web version) FIN.pdf]
!!Our Mission

__The Academy will:__
*Promote a wider appreciation of the value of European scholarship and research.
*Make recommendations to national governments and international agencies concerning matters affecting science, scholarship and academic life in Europe.
*Encourage interdisciplinary and international research in all areas of learning, particularly in relation to European issues.
*Identify topics of trans-European importance to science and scholarship, and propose appropriate action to ensure that these issues are adequately studied.
__The Academy will endeavour to:__
*Encourage the highest possible standards in scholarship, research and education.
*Promote a better understanding among the public at large of the benefits of knowledge and learning, and of scientific and scholarly issues which affect society, its quality of life and its standards of living.
*[Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024|Strategic Plan (web version) FIN.pdf]
*[AE Information Leaflet|Academia_Europaea_LEAFLET_2020.pdf] (Last updated December 2020)